A POEM: Therapy, Therapy, Therapy

Therapy, therapy, therapy, where for art thou therapy

We first met when I was 9

I was shy, over weight, my feelings benign

You used pictures, compliments and other such techniques

But I was onto you and your thoughts that I was week

We met again at 16, I was forthright, confused and a mixed up teen

I began to let you in…

But your numbering of my thoughts wore thin…

Years later I needed support

My mind was a wreak and my life was warped

You shed light on my dark song

However… it didn’t last long

Aged 28 and in a state, my brain and body a mess

Reliving the past, obsessing in the dark and and never letting anyone in

I slept on the floor, washed my clothes by hand and would wish I was in a distant land

When the dark thoughts came

I wanted out of this game

But you, Therapy… wouldn’t let me give in.

(by me)


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