Canesten and egg on toast (not together!)

So tonight, I at home, meal for 1 (egg on toast just like my nan), and Iv got fucking thrush! I like to think of it as my ex boyfriends parting gift to me when he walked out on me lsat week.

So I am sat at my kitchen table, staring into the mirror, looking at the 30 something year olds face starting back at me while I eat my egg on toast. My face is wet with tears, and the shoulders its sat on are broad, round and stocky. Why do we start to pick our selves apart when we are down? And do you know what triggered the crying???? Nope it wasn’t actually the thought of my ex, or being on my own, it was in fact watching the latest episode of Real Housewives of Orange County! How fickle are my emotions! bloody hell, I really do need to get a grip.


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