Goa Baby!

So I am off! well I am currently sat in the air port departure lounge at Heathrow thinking ow on earth are they going to get all these people onto that plan and depart within 30 mins! I am clearly sat here pondering these great questions in life!

I am going to India on my tod for a full month of yoga, massage, learning, beach, sunshine and heat and I am not going to lie I am popping my pants a little bit! But thank the Indian Gods for Imodeum! (TMI?)

I don’t really know what to expect, I hope I bloody like it as its cost me a chunk and its a long old flight, but more importantly I hope that it can chill me out a little, warm up my body and get some energy pumping back round my system (without the stimulus of copious amounts of coffee and sugar!). Its defiantly time to clear the brain fog, get the ability to think straight back and expand my mind.



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