This page, is all about everything Kapha. From what the qualities of Kapha are,  what a kapha aggravation can look like, which elements rule Kapha, and how to bring your Kapha back into balance if its aggravated/too high or diminished/too low. I thought I would start with a little poem about Kaphas to set the scene.

‘Ow Kapha, kapha kapha where fore art thou kapha

Your a beautiful, graceful soul, with lustrous hair and an eye for gold

You can find it hard to be enthused, caught up in your thoughts and refusing to move

When you are in balance you are a site for sore eyes

With a calm persona, soothing heart and curvaceous thighs

But when you are aggravated you feel ugly

You hide away and quickly become chubby

Bring balance to your life by learning to thrive

Get your but moving and be proud to be alive’ (Poem by me)

Properties & Qualities of a Kapha Dosha

This information applies when a persons main dosha/constitution/prackruti is Kapha

kapha info.jpg

Elements: Kapha people are ruled by the elements of water and earth

Physical Features: Full soft features, thick and smooth skin, thick lustrous hair (tends to be darker shades-think Kim Kardashian), well developed chest (can mean bigger boobs in a women-woo hoo!), when in balance their weight is evenly distributed (females think Scarlet Jahannson and Marilyn Monroe, fellas think Zack Galfinakis), prone to easily put on weight and find it hard to loose weight (think Oprah Winfrey and Jack Black) big white teeth (naturally-no whitening tricks), large and attractive eyes, tend to have large and strong joints.

                                                            Sensitivities: Cold, damp places (think UK in the Winter)

Body Functions: Tendency towards colds, congestion and allergies (think mucusy white, pussy infections in your throat, nose, mouth etc), slow appetite with a tendency to eat when not hungry or over eat, slow digestion.

Sleep: Kaphas love their sleep and have a tendency too sleep to much, and require more than 8-10+ hours a night and might still wake feeling tired.

Emotions and Mental activity: Kapha are easy going, caring and giving people, they speak and move slowly often said with grace, and not easily shaken.

Signs of a Balanced Kapha: Very dynamic and captivating, good direction in life (after much thought), strong appetite and good digestion, compassionate and fair, enthusiastic and active.

Signs of excess/aggravated Kapha: Sluggish, need for excess sleep, overly sentimental, overly attached, grudge holding, finds changes in life hard, craving sweet food, prone to depression, prone to feeling lonely and cutting them selves off from others, water retention, and prone to being over weight.

Book your free 1 hour consultation to find out your dosha and tailored lifestyle recommendations to gain balance back in your life in body and mind


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