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‘You know that moment, when your in a Yoga class and they start with OM, and your thinking OMFG I’v got to join in? Well OMG OM is all about taking that leap of faith and joining in with the OM of life to discover your true healthy, tuned in and free self.’


About Me

me me meMy name is Bridie, and I am a lover of all things alternative, beautiful, kind and creative (how hippy dippy does that sound!). I am currently working to heal my own chronic illnesses by learning and applying Ayurveda to my life (a little about my story below).  This amazing journey has taken me to India to study and now back home to the UK to study and complete my training to be an Ayurvedic Lifestyle and yoga Coach. With every new person I meet during consultation I find they are able to teach me so so much, which is why I offer free Ayurvedic consultations, as it is a meeting of souls and not a business transaction for me. I have two first class degrees within the field of education, and I am passionate about educating people and giving them the tools to heal themselves and live a full, free and healthy (in mind and body) life. I am passionate that we all truly know the root cause as to why we are unwell (99% of diseases are rooted in emotions), and that the individual knows best which changes they need to make, they just need a little help to realise them and realise the importance of putting them into action, which is where I come in.